IIS Pacinotti-Archimede


“Pacinotti-Archimede” High School is situated in the area called “Nuovo Salario” in Rome, Italy. It was born out of a union between two historical schools of the neighbourhood: ITIS Pacinotti and Archimede High School. Curricula avaiable are:

  1. ITIS (specialization in Electrotechnics, Electronics and IT).
  2. Applied Science High School 
  3. Applied Sports Science High School
  4. Scientific High School

The number of students is around 1600.


The school vision is to lead students towards entrepreneurship, to discover their unique talent and opportunities in a constantly changing world. The talent is a special skill that allows a person or a group of people to do something well. The talent emerges from natural skills and/or from the involvement in areas of interest or passion. It is not simply a natural “gift”. In conclusion, the school vision is to promote a new mentality: “the job has not to be found, it has to be created!” 

The school has been collaborating by several years with different partner companies in order to develop students’ entrepreneurial mentality:  

  • Junior Achievement Italy (project: “Company Programme” – from 2013/14 onwards)
  • Fondazione Mondo Digitale, INAIL, CNA, companies and artisans from Lazio (project: “The Italian makers” – from 2013/14 onwards)
  • Regione Lazio (project: “BIC Lazio: “entrepreneurs among school desks” – 2013/14 and 2015/16)
  • IGS (project: ”Students Lab” – 2014/15)

In order to further support students’ growth from the entrepreneurial point of view, the school has established different partnerships to allow students to develop skills in the job market with various local and national companies: Rosiglioni Impianti (electromedical equipment), Click (Monterotondo – electric system design), ITI (energy systems planning), TERIS (photovoltaic systems), TELECOM (telecommunication systems), ACEA Distribuzione (generating systems, energy distribution and transport), etc.

The quotation at the entrance of our “Innovation Gym”, which summarizes the school vision, is the following: “Everyone knows that something is impossible to create, until somebody who is unaware of that comes along and invents it” - A. Einstein.

SCHOOL WEBSITEhttp://www.pacinottiarchimede.gov.it/ 

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