Koninklijk Atheneum


Koninklijk Atheneum is mainly an academic school, with one technical and one vocational study orientation. Our school is located in the city centre of Tienen (Belgium), close by the main square and easily accessible by the ring road. The school enrolls around 760 students.


In the framework of entrepreneurship education our school participates in several activities and projects

  • 3rd degree (17-18y): during the final year students have the opportunity to get in touch and interact with entrepreneurs from the local community by participating in “Ondernemers voor de klas”, a Vlajo project translated as entrepreneurs in the classroom.
  • 2nd & 3rd degree (15-18y): students can decide to take part in a management game by learning about important management topics such as the impact decisions have on profit, estimating losses and taking necessary actions to adjust them, etc.
  • 2nd degree technical studies - Trade (15-16y): possibility to take part in Trade: Jieha!,  a Vlajo project organised as preparation for the mini-company programme.
  • 3rd degree technical studies - Accountancy-IT: mini-company programme.
  • 3rd degree academic studies - Economics-Languages: the mini-company as an optional course. Motivated students who choose for economics have the possibility to obtain the certificate of business management. This certificate is one of the requirements to start your own company later on. 
  • 3rd degree vocational studies – Office : through a virtual company students get to know the importance of entrepreneurship, buying and selling, drafting necessary documents, etc. 

Thanks to ICEE, also students in other academic study orientations (Economics-Languages-Mathematics-Sciences) are participating in the mini-company programme. Through the project, we hope to stimulate entrepreneurship both among students and non-involved teachers. Feedback from parents is very positive so far. 

“By organizing entrepreneurship-related activities for already some years and by participating in the ICEE project, we want to strive for more appreciation for entrepreneurship. We want to encourage our students to have a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, we want to teach them that innovation and the willingness to take risks are very important to realize an entrepreneurial society. We hope that our students will become more entrepreneurial by participating in the ICEE project and that they will learn the right entrepreneurial skills to achieve successes in both their professional and private lives” - Kaat Vandesavel, Koninklijk Atheneum's principal.


SCHOOL WEBSITEhttp://www.katienen.be 


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