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Kuressaare Ametikool (Kuressaare Regional Training Centre) is a vocational educational institution located on an island of Saaremaa, Western Estonia. The school has 800 students and provides initial and additional vocational training and retraining in wide areas of specialties both for young people and adults. Fields of study are: design and handicraft; building and construction; information and communication technologies; motor vehicles; small craft and boat building; materials (plastic, wood, metal); care of the elderly and of disabled adults; child care; hair and beauty services; food processing; hotel, restaurants and catering; travel, tourism and leisure; management and administration.


Kuressaare Ametikool’s mission is to prepare a competitive and succeeding workforce. In addition to specific trade, all students learn the basics of entrepreneurship, create their own business ideas and business plans

For many years our school has offered in-depth entrepreneurship education and many people have learned small business entrepreneurship or business administration. This know-how and experience is one strength we are planning to use in the future for providing more practical and active possibilities for all the students regardless of their chosen curricula. 

School has a long-time tradition of founding and running student companies by design and business administration students. With the ICEE project this has spread to the other departments as well. 

"Nobody achieves anything without effort. The student company has put forward energetic and active students for leadership positions, and this has helped us to move forward quickly. Our student company, who specialise in ICT training, got their first order within a few weeks of starting" - said Madis Roosipuu, head of client relations, Student company Tutorial Corp, 2nd year software developer student. 

SCHOOL WEBSITEhttp://www.ametikool.ee/


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