ICEE Field Trial Underway

29 September 2015

The first part of the field trials of the ICEE project has started. We are now collecting information about entrepreneurship education from thousands of students, teachers, parents and volunteers in five countries (Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia). 

During September and October, the respondents will log on and reply to an online questionnaire. By the end of the year they will reply to a similar survey, and, thanks also to qualitative interviews which will take place in the second part of the year, the project will provide us with useful data to better understand the impact of entrepreneurship education.

The Eastern Norway Research Institute (ENRI) is the organisation leading the implementation of the research. The first survey is a pre-test, a questionnaire the respondents will answer before any action is taken. Five schools in each of the countries are the test fields. 50% of the students in one year will participate in the JA Company Programme, 50% will not participate. By the end of the year, all respondents will reply to a new survey. The quantitative part of the research will be followed by interviews among some of the participants. 

The objective is to measure the potential impact in several areas like employability, entrepreneurial ambitions and potential, learning outcomes, how use of volunteers can influence and how parents view entrepreneurship education. The first results will be available by mid-summer 2016. A second round of the research will take part during the following school year. 


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