Riga State Gymnasium No 3


Riga State Gymnasium Nr. 3 is located in the very heart of the capital of Latvia, in Riga Old Town. There are 868 students and 83 teachers in 2015. 

The school offers a variety of study programmes, and three of them specialise in economics and deepen the entrepreneurial competence. The school has a considerable experience in organising and participating in different events related to the development of students' entrepreneurial skills, which is seen as one of the main objectives in the current economic situation.


Riga State Gymnasium No 3 has always been looking for new ways of how to involve students in the political and social life of Latvia and Europe. The school is often visited by the political leaders and government members of the country such as the President of the Republic of Latvia, Andris Berzins, the Mayor of Riga, Nils Usakovs, the Speaker of Latvian Parliament, Solvita Aboltina, the European Commissioner for Development at the European Commission, Andris Piebalgs, who meet the students and discuss with them the current economic and political issues. 

Riga State Gymnasium Nr. 3 has a long history of collaboration with Junior Achievement Latvia. Each year several well-prepared Student Companies participate in the International Student Company Festival with good results and get awards in Student Company of The Year Final Competitions. 

The students who are studying the economic programme write and defend their business plans individually and have founded their own companies or established limited companies. A couple of years ago Latvian Ministry of Education and Science approved the Business English study programme submitted by the teachers of our school and since 2013, Business English has been taught as one of the subjects in secondary school. 

The coordinator of the ICEE project in Riga State Gymnasium Nr. 3 is held by its headmaster and the economics’ teacher, Andris Priekulis, who has received the title “JA Latvia Best Headmaster 2015”. The school has also taken part in different projects organised by the EU in the past.

“The current objective of our gymnasium is to become a remarkable European school which offers to students high quality education alongside with raising its students as distinguished citizens of their own country and the European Union,” said Andris Priekulis, headmaster and ICEE coordinator. 

SCHOOL WEBSITEwww.r3g.lv/ 

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