The Sint-Theresiacollege is a school for general education. After graduation students are prepared to go to higher education.

The school is situated in a rural area. The vision of the founders was to provide local youth with secondary education to that they wouldn't have to travel to the cities. This appeared to be a success: the school teaches general education to over 1,100 students.

The school is known in the area for having a good portfolio of activities like exchanges, mini enterprises, school trips and participation to all kinds of competitions - mostly with good results obtained by the participating students. 


Entrepreneurship is considered as an asset for the students. It's never about making as much profit as possible but it's about taking responsibility, developing initiative skills and cooperating with peers. Each student can choose a project per two hours a week. One of the projects is the mini enterprise programme. Within this project, students are responsible of the administration, accountancy, communication, marketing and finance of their own enterprise. The activities students develop are being evaluated by teachers from different areas. This makes it possible to evaluate not only financial results of the companies, but also the learning process of the students


'Being part of a mini enterprise was a lot more work than I expected. But it’s also a lot more fun and interesting than I expected’ - said a student participating in the ICEE project.


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