Tallinn School No 21


Tallinn School No 21 is a comprehensive school located in Tallinn. The school focuses on providing students with a diverse learning environment. Students are encouraged to fulfill their academic potential, to make their own decisions and to take responsibility to succeed in our competitive society as responsible citizens. 

The school has developed a demanding and diverse curriculum for sciences, humanities as well as for extensive English studies:

  • Specialised music classes since 1958
  • Specialised English classes since1961
  • Specialism in science, the English language and social studies and humanities since 2011.

At present our school has 1,221 students (Primary school: 353 students; Lower Middle School: 299 students; Upper Middle School: 277 students; Upper Secondary School: 292 students) and 85 teachers.


Tallinn School No 21 has been teaching entrepreneurship from 2000 in upper secondary school starting with the company programme as an after-school activity. From 2003 entrepreneurship obtained a special place in school curriculum as an optional subject. The number of student companies is growing every year and in 2015/2016 there are 12 student companies providing their goods or services at school.

Huge attention is paid to the quality of studies. For this age group a tight relationship with businesses is very important and each student company has a mentor from business who is dealing with young people together with the teacher. Students participate in student company competitions and ESP exam for assessing their competencies.

There has been an easier version of the company programme running for upper middle grades also for some years. From this school year the school has piloted a new “mini-mini company programme” for the students of the 5th grade to raise entrepreneurial mindset and positive thinking about entrepreneurship already in the early age. Mini-mini companies have got mentors from upper secondary school students who have passed successfully the company programme and are engaged in Student Mentor Programme offered by JA Estonia.

From the next school year the school is planning to restart teaching entrepreneurship also in primary school basing on the principle of  cumulative learning of entrepreneurship. 

The vision of the school about entrepreneurship education is that each student going to Tallinn School 21 must have an opportunity to get an experience in entrepreneurship during the school time.

“Making this student company has been an incredible experience. Many useful skills such as time management, problem solving, cooperation, creative thinking and many others have been gained or improved. The biggest and most important thing we have learned is that you should never be afraid to ask for help or advice. You'd be surprised how helpful and kind people are, if only you have the courage to seek them out. We learned that things often do not go according to the plan. There have been numerous occasions where we have had to rethink all our plans. It has made us flexible and creative. This opportunity has changed our lives and opened up possibilities for the future" - said Katarina Kaleininkas, student participating in the ICEE project.

SCHOOL WEBSITEhttp://21k.ee 

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