The Research

A number of studies have already indicated the impact of entrepreneurship education.

Research conducted in Sweden, Norway and Denmark shows that there are positive indications of the successful achievement of learning outcomes, increased student engagement and long-term outcomes such as enhanced employability and higher start-up rates.

Young people who have participated in entrepreneurship education experiences have been found to be more likely to create new businesses later on and develop competences that make them more employable than those who have not had the same education.

Setting up a ‘mini-company’ is regarded as one of the most effective possible entrepreneurial experiences available for schools. Considering these positive indications and the widespread use of mini-companies in European schools, the consortium will use this method as its test-bed.

The field trials, based on qualitative and quantitative research methods, will focus on learning outcomes, drivers and obstacles, and the community effects of entrepreneurship education by collecting information from students, teachers, headmasters, parents and business volunteers.

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