First Results

A deep dive is better than a light touch. 100 hours of training in entrepreneurship education gives the best results!

Students using more than 100 hours in the Company Programme (CP) bear its influence more than those spending less time in it. This becomes clear in preliminary results of the Innovation Clusters for Entrepreneurship Education (ICEE).

ICEE is a 3-year international research project/policy experiment. It uses the JA Company Programme (CP) at secondary schools to measure the impact of entrepreneurship education in several areas. The results from the 1st year of ICEE-research show that the greatest impact on students’ skills and attitudes is related to their time spent on CP in school and after school.

Interestingly, there is a strong and positive correlation between time spent on CP in school time and after school. In the ICEE project, 70% of the students spent more than 100 hours in the CP during one school year, and these students are far more influenced by the programme than students spending less time.

A goal for the European Union is that every young people should have a practical entrepreneurial experience before they leave compulsory school. ICEE research findings suggest that quantity is essential if practical entrepreneurship projects like mini-companies are to make an impact for the individual and society. It is crucial that schools allow for «enough» time to work on the company and that students also make an effort after school. Perhaps one could argue that all young people must be offered a long-term practical entrepreneurial experience before leaving school.

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