JA Companies


Mini-companies are one of the most effective practical entrepreneurial experiences available for academic and vocational schools.

It is a challenging and learner-driven method. Working in teams and under the guidance of teachers and business volunteers, participating students (from age 14-15 all the way up to 19-20) have the opportunity to set up and manage a mini-company. 

As part of this programme they develop the ability to generate ideas and turn them into action; they learn how to work in a team, take initiative and accept responsibility; they experience what it means to manage a real enterprise; they understand how economics and finance contribute to the project’s success; they apply math, science, language, writing, technological or specialized skills in a practical way.

Students close the mini-company down at the end of the experience and can participate in competitions and trade fairs where they can demonstrate what they have learned and achieved.

The largest mini-company scheme in Europe is supported by the Junior Achievement network (270,00 students per year).

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