Schools involved

The cooperation of the schools is key to make the research successful. In each country, four schools (2 vocational and 2 academic) will run the mini-company experience and take part in the field trials.

However when carrying out this type of research it is often difficult to isolate and document the effects of the entrepreneurial experience. This is the reason why one external school in each country will act as control school, by participating in the research without running the mini-company experience.


Control school: KOV College, Vilvoorde


Control school: Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus (Tallinn Industrial Education Centre) - Tallinn


Control school: Rasision seudun koulutuskuntayhtyma - Raseko


Control school: Liceo Scientifico Galilei - Trento


Control school: Rezekne State Gymnasium No 1 (Rēzeknes Valsts 1. ģimnāzija) - Rēzekne

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