Valmiera Technical School


Valmiera Technical School is one of the largest educational institutions in the Latvian region of Vidzeme. In 2015 academic year, there are 704 students involved in 12 different specialties and 6 specialties in Ranka region – a territorial unit of Valmiera Technical School.

Thanks to the European Union and the Latvian public funds, in the late years, Valmiera Technical School has turned into a modern and contemporary professional educational institution. The new Technical Building of the Valmiera Technical School has been opened in November 2015 with well-equipped rooms, modern laboratories, training restaurant and hostel. This new facility will bring together young people both from Vidzeme and other Latvian regions and, with its activities, contribute to Vidzeme, Latvian and European business growth and development.


The mission of Valmiera Technical School is to support the development of educated, creative, and competitive personalities, which are in demand in the labour market in Latvia and in the European Union. The school provides high-quality vocational training programmes that are in line with the needs of the labour market. The school works on skilled workforce attraction and retention in Vidzeme region.

By providing a well organised, safe, attractive and modern school environment, Valmiera Technical School focuses on values that bring to educated, positive and spiritually strong young people; professional, competent and growth orientated teachers; a positive and loyal team spirit - the cooperation is based on openness, honesty, tolerance and respect among the school, students and their parents. 

Valmiera Technical School has been a pioneer in cooperating with local businesses, creating a dual labour-environment-based education programmes. This model requires the learner to spend only one or two days a week in an educational institution and to work the rest of the time in close cooperation with a company from the local community. In this way young people become more entrepreneurial and learn how to adapt and integrate in a new environment. The school has a successful collaboration with Ltd “Valmiera Glass Group”.

"We are open to change and we are looking forward to the competitive vocational training in the future" - said Ēriks Spuriņš Headmaster of Valmiera Technical School. 




“The number of student-led companies at Valmiera Technical School increases every year. Students are hard-working, creative, and full of ideas. It proves that we are working in the right direction” - said Agita Šamšele Valmiera Technical School teacher and ICEE coordinator.




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