Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages


Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages is a non-graded upper secondary school in eastern Helsinki. Our school has two available study programmes to choose from: a general programme and a language programme. There are about 580 students aged 16 -19 in our school. Each year 121 students participate in the general programme and 70 in the language programme. Our school is one of the few schools in Finland with a special educational task in the field of languages. The following languages are available in the school curriculum: English, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Chinese and Japanese. In addition to languages, instruction emphasises international affairs, knowledge of foreign cultures and arts, sustainable development and future skills. 


We offer one course in entrepreneurship. During the course, students set up mini-companies and take care of them. In addition, they visit real companies and entrepreneurs visit the school. The ICEE project has brought new ideas to our entrepreneurship course. For example, last November we organised a Mini Fair for all of our students and teachers, during which the companies introduced themselves and shared their business ideas. Two guest entrepreneurs told the students of their own entrepreneurial stories. Some companies also sold their products. In December, we organised Christmas sales where the mini-companies sold their products for students and teachers. Next April we will participate in the International Student Company Festival in Latvia for the first time. Hopefully, we will also organise the first business camp in 2017.

Last year a few of our teachers participated in the Helsinki entrepreneurship education path project. This project contributed to our entrepreneurship education and enforced the students’ working life skills. Last November all teachers were involved in entrepreneurship education workshops that gave us a lot of information about entrepreneurship. Some teachers will also participate in the OPE TET event, during which where they will have a chance to visit real companies. 

Last January about a 100 students took part in an event called “Now” held in the Itäkeskus shopping center. They were given information on how to apply for a job, and they also visited the companies located in the shopping mall. The second-year students participated in a Career Day and blogged about their experiences.

“The ICEE project has been like winning the lottery. We are extremely grateful to be involved in this project. We have received new ideas, which have strengthened the entrepreneurship education in our school. The financial resources of the project will make it possible to bravely make new experiments and travel abroad.  The goal is that all our students will have a chance to be trained in entrepreneurship and learn how to develop an entrepreneurial attitude towards everything they do” - said Päivi Siltala-Keinänen, Deputy Principal, Teacher and Project Leader of ICEE at Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages.



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