ITCG Enrico Fermi


The ITCG Enrico Fermi is a vocational school located in Pontedera (Pisa, Italy). With over 1,300 students, it offers four fields of study and specialisation: economics, tourism, construction and agriculture (5-year course). The school has always been paying attention to educational needs. Thanks to the creation of relationships with local stakeholders, it offers students experiences of working and studying that enhance their professional skills and transversal competences and improve their employability. The school actively participates in international exchange programs to give students an opportunity to expand their horizons and knowledge and take part in at least one study or work abroad experience. The school is also very active in terms of innovation, especially in the fields of mathematics, science and digital competences.


Entrepreneurship education is a strategic objective for the school, which results in a number of educational, organizational and managerial activities.

From the first biennium entrepreneurship is embedded in the curriculum of the school as a transversal objective of all trainings, aimed at developing a sense of initiative, ability to plan and manage projects, creativity and self-awareness. In addition to these common skills, there are economic and business disciplines that are taught during the five years with the purpose of obtaining a more specific knowledge about business processes and the business world.

Through a special commission, the school selects, promotes and organizes entrepreneurship education activities (internships, company visits, etc.) that become an integral part of the academic programs.

The school supports the professional development of their teachers involved in entrepreneurship education experiences, by stimulating their participation to specific courses and by encouraging self-training. The school also promotes entrepreneurial education meetings for teachers of other schools. The entrepreneurial education courses benefit from the support of a lot of different external people (local authorities, chamber of commerce, businessmen, non-profit organizations, parents, alumni, etc.). Former students of the ITCG "Enrico Fermi" were among the founders of the JA Alumni Italy Committee and they still support student mini-companies at regional level.

"In what the well-known sociologist Zygmunt Bauman has called "liquid modernity", young people  need to acquire solid transversal key competences of citizenship, such as entrepreneurship, which are necessary for their full personal development. Impresa in azione is an educational programme of Junior Acehivement Italy that allows our students, but also their teachers, to be involved in a completely engaging and significant experience useful both for now and for the future. On top of this, ICEE project gives an added value to Impresa in azione experience and it also allows to activate an efficient feedback system and compare it to the strategic choices in terms of educational policies in Europe," said Luigi Vittipaldi, Head teacher at ITCG Enrico Fermi.





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