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We are an academic school with approximately 600 students in the centre of Vilvoorde, near Brussels (Belgium). Besides the normal school activities, we also offer education to the top sporting school for volleyball in an academic and technical programme

In the first degree, our students can opt for Latin or Modern Sciences. Within the Modern Sciences programme we offer the option STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) to increase our students' enthusiasm for engineering, technical and scientific education. In the second degree students can choose between Economics, Human Sciences, Sciences, Latin or Latin-Greek. In the third degree they can combine these main subjects with Modern Languages or Mathematics. 

Finally, we are also an CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)-school, which is unique in our region. As from their first year, our students can take a non-language subject in English. That option is very important to make our students more competent in languages and offer them an asset for their higher education or professional life.  


Our school wants to stimulate both the entrepreneurial spirit as entrepreneurship itself.

That is why we integrate company visits (Coca-Cola, Valentino, etc.) at various moments throughout our students’ school careers to offer them the opportunity to learn about the business world. In addition we take part in ‘Ondernemers voor de klas’, a Vlajo-programme, to create a positive image on entrepreneurship among our students.

During their last year, the pupils that opt for Economics also participated in the business game Ecoman, which is organised by an university. Through this game, students get to know the totality of a company in a practical way. At the end they have to present their company to an external jury, composed of young entrepreneurs. We also organise an ‘Entrepreneurship day' where we we invite speakers and managers from the region to engage with our students on entrepreneurship.   

Through the ICEE-project we have gained knowledge about the ‘Mini-company’ project. Next school year we would like to start with this project with 35 students of different study programmes. 

“If we want to encourage entrepreneurship among our students, we have to offer them as many opportunities as possible to get in touch with the business world, but we must also, and perhaps above all, increase their creativity and self-confidence by offering them entrepreneurial initiatives" - said Sofie Maes, headmaster of the school.

SCHOOL WEBSITEhttp://www.kov.be

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