Liceo Scientifico Galilei


Galileo Galilei High School was established in Trento (Italy) in 1928. It offers a broad education, which aims to prepare students for future University studies. It confers a Scientific High School diploma for both ordinary and Applied Sciences curricula. It is located in a panoramic position in a wide park, inside of which a didactic, geologic and botanic itinerary have been created. Around 800 students attend the school and it is well equipped with physics, science and IT labs, together with a furnished library.  


Scientific teaching in a grounded humanistic and linguistic education program is one of the main characteristics of our school. The goal is achieved through the use of laboratories, meant both as real places and as means of working and interacting with students. The achievement of a high level in scientific subjects is also the result of the strong belief that the excellences need to be exploited and their value communicated. This leads from one side to the improvement of teaching and from the other to a wider involvement of all students. 

The school is called "GALILEO GALILEI" and for this reason, it is important for us to report a quote by the famous scientist: "Behind every problem there is always an opportunity ".


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